Club Members

Terry Vaughan

Club Member, LiRF, First Aider
I have been running on and off for about 29 years, I started running at the ...

Kimberley Price

Club Member
I run because I love to run and people have told me to stop smiling when I run!

Darryl Cook

Club Member
Always moaning when I run and honestly don't know why I do it.

Liz Carpenter-Davies

Club Member
Running is a great form of stress relief in a busy life.

Sian McGoldrick

Club Member
The welcome and support you have from all the members spurs you on.

Neil Lloyd

Mens Team Captain, Team Selection Committee, LiRF, First Aider
Running has long been my big love in sport and I hope it will continue.

Ian Munro

Club Member
I am a bit of a lump with a past bodybuilding career and two dodgy knees. I am ...

Cathy Johnson

Club Member
In 2009 everyone laughed when I said I was going to RUN 10K. 8 years, 17 x 10K, ...

Shane Roberts

Club Member
My pop idol is Marti Pellow!

James 'Fudge' Thomas

Number one runner in Brecon Rise

Neil Beynon

Club Member
I'm looking forward to future with this fantastic running club.

Gavin Patterson

Club Member
Took up running just over 2.1/2 years ago as part of a weight loss plan. Soon ...

Tony Lewis

Club Member, LiRF, First Aider
My inspiration comes from the true spirit of running that is embedded within every step of every dedicated runner within this community.

Ruth Davies

Club Member, First Aider
I started running in 2016 following the birth of my fourth child in a bid to ...

Matthew Trinder

Club Member
Love to get sub 19 now on my park run.

Andrew Jones

Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Welfare Officer, LiRF & Men's Vice Captain
Nothing compares to the camaraderie a great club environment offers.

Alex Thomas

Club Member
Running has given me new found confidence, self-belief and most importantly so many new friends.

Claire Sullivan

Club Member
Non Runner to Marathon Runner! I love Running.

Julie Cashell

Ladies Vice Captain, LiRF
With the support of a good team - ANYTHING is possible.

Clive Cooksey

Club Member
[I want to] run till the day comes when I'm found on the side of the road in my kit with my legs in the air like a hedgehog!

Caroline Matthews

Club Member
I'm known to fall over easy and I am little accident prone.

Damian Williams

Club Chairman, Club Committee, Team Selection Committee, Team Manager, LiRF, First Aider
I run to keep fit, keep active and keep out of trouble (overindulging)!

Richie Crew

Club Member
Not a natural runner but love the freedom it gives you.

Mike Williams

Club Member
Joined the club recently. Gave me my running bug back.

Rachel Burr-Lewis

Ladies Team Captain, Club Committee, Team Selection Committee, Team Manager, LiRF, First Aider
I am a runner, I run because I love to eat, and people often say I saw you running the other day :)

Danielle Phillips

Club Member, LiRF
I run because punching people Is frowned upon.

Hèléna Tèrésa Hunt

Club Member
I run/cycle/run/swim/run/wild-camp/run – anything to shut the internal ...

Darren Swift

Club Member
New to running and loving the time it gives me with my wife and daughter... watching them run away from me into the distance.

Robert Gale

Club Member
I'm a runner and I run because I love it!

Mike Matthews

Club Member
Having completed several triathlons over 2016, I wanted to improve my running, hence joining the club and enjoying both the training and races.

Dave Kempton

Club Member
I like to promote the gospel according to JOLLY. Its a great cause and does good work bringing joy to others.

Ethan Sayce

Club Member
I have joined PBBRC in order to fulfil my running ambitions.

Stephen Carter

Club Member
I'm old, I moan a lot about hills.

Simon Lewis

Club Member
Club member since 1991.

Sharon Newell

Club Member
I run and cycle because I love cake and chocolate, and I do like a good hill to run and cycle up.

Sam Standerwick

Club Member LiRF
Running; My relaxation, my exercise, my insomnia cure, my stress relief and my time to clear my head.

Nathan Harper

Club Member
I'm not sure if I'm slow.. or if everyone else is Kenyan.

Michael Cope

Club Member
You gonna be remembered for the things that you say and do.

Alun Wood

Club Member
You’ll mostly find me running around the mountains of the southern valleys of Wales.

Michelle Jayne

Club Member
I prefer hilly or muddy races as I'm not that fast!

Suzie Tew

Club Member
No one else in my family runs & they think I'm mad!!!

Sarah Williams

Club Member
I admire anyone who gives running a go

Laura Hire

Club Member
Quietest member of the club... nobody remembers my name!

Andrew Meadows

Club Member
I'm a little socially awkward so please be patient with me.

Bear Wills aka Tim

Club Member
Run to stay sane.

Kathleen Jervis aka Jonesy

Welfare Officer, First Aider, LiRF
Its about the friends and supporting the club – we laugh and cry together as only runners can.

Lee Phillips

Club Member
For some reason unknown to me I have the nickname SGT Major Phillips.

Sam Jackson

Club Member
My running ambition would be a sub-15 5K, sub-30 10K and to make the Olympics!

Ian Davies

Club Member
I'm a cyclist that runs, quietly becoming a runner that cycles.

Sarah Jeremiah

Club Member
I am not and never will be a natural runner but I enjoy being out and about, ...

Margrett Monk

Club Member, First Aider, LiRF
My ambition is to try and keep running as long as possible and pass knowledge on to younger runners.

Lee Aherne

Club Committee, Team Selection Committee, Track Team Manager, LiRF, First Aider
I don't run to keep fit, I run because I love to race.

Colin Rees

Club Member
Second time with the club,now two stone heavier. HELP

Sian Jones

Growing up with both parents being fitness fanatics and owning a gym, it was ...

Alison Holton

Club Member
I have recently discovered that I really love marathon training...even more than cross country!

James Ashley

Club Member
Running has totally changed my life for the better.

Gary Bartram

Club Member
This year I completed my boyhood dream of running the London Marathon.

Phillip 'Milo' Miles

Head Coach, Team Selection Committee
Despite slowing down each year, I get enormous satisfaction seeing our younger/newer members improving.

Mathew Ellis

Club Member
I joined the club as a way of becoming a more efficient runner - one my best decisions ever.

Stephen Williams

Club member
Running Ambitions: To beat Michael Lewis' times at his age!

Cyril Williams

Club Member, LiRF, First Aider
Completed my first Aquathon last year at Bryn Bach, have entered my first Triathlon this year.

Maricel Jenkins-Belohorska

Club Member
I have learnt there is no such thing as a flat route!

Gareth Williams

Club Member, LiRF, First Aider
I love running and love helping First Strides, C25K and parkrun.

Sue Gray

Club Member
Running makes me less moody. PBs parkrun: 28:46 10K: 1:04:10 Half Marathon: ...

Rob Bennett

Club Member
I will be doing my first full marathon in Brighton in April 2018.

Callum Schofield

Club Member
Being the 3rd generation of PBBRC runners, I had no choice but to run.

Owen Davies

Club Member
I like obstacle races but not running much further than 10K.

Karen Thomas

Club Member
Love running and entering races. So far I've done 5 half marathons and several 10Ks and 5Ks.

Lynne Jones

Club Member
Started running far too late in life and it doesn't get easier but I do it ...

Aynsley Cummings

Club Member
I run mainly to keep fit and have a healthy mind but also to challenge myself and surprise myself.

Lauren Cooper

Club Member
I run because I eat a lot of cake. And because people would shout at me if I stopped!

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