Iron Trail 5 2017: Results

  • June 30, 2017

Here are the results for the 2017 Iron Trail 5 race organised by club member Phillip Miles. Thanks to all that participated and helped support North Gwent Cardiac Rehabilitation.

Sam Lewis Jones32.17
Jamie Parry32.25
Lauren Cooper35.26
Ade Woods37.04
Robert Gale37.24
Richard Sheehy37.52
James Fletcher37.56
Bethan Hawsley38.03
Martin Chammings38.32
Andrew Gunter38.44
Darren Kippest39.25
Julie Cashell39.48
Neil Beynon40.18
Roger Mills40.42
Ian Harrhy40.49
Ian Whatmough40.54
Stephen Morgan40.57
Ruth Picavance41.12
Lee Phillips41.22
Ade Gwillym41.24
Rob Bennett41.25
Sian Jones41.34
Carl Walsh41.35
Dai Smout41.39
Ade Taylor41.42
Tony Lewis42.40
Sarah Coote42.45
Terry Vaughan42.52
David Williams43.01
Andrew Wall43.09
Jeanette Jenkins43.16
Keith Langley43.45
Martin Jenkins43.47
Marcus Smith44.54
Nicola Sinclair45.10
Sarah Francis45.10
Jodie M’Cloy45.30
Sharon Woods46.06
Julian Frost 46.25
Claire Walters46.27
Nick Morgan46.33
Gwyn Palfrey47.01
Claire Sullivan47.01
Brian Evans47.01
Alex Jones47.34
Beth Jones47.46
Helen Trollope47.52
Nathan Harper48.08
Alan Gray48.33
Dillon Jones48.57
Joni Parry49.02
Clive Cooksey49.07
Bryony Brown49.36
Paul Morgan50.24
Delphine Jones 51.06
Jon Tibke51.13
Ceri East51.23
Julie Smith 51.27
Sian McGoldrick51.30
Rhys Lewis52.18
Alison Holton52.34
Ceri Caswell52.53
Helen Gwillym53.08
Kathryn Price53.14
Victoria Price53.40
Claire Aherne 54.44
Deanne Griffiths 54.54
Amanda Wilde55.38
Owen Davies55.38
Kath Jervis56.44
Nicola Morgan 58.00
Sam Standerwick58.34
Les Pugh58.57
Sue Gray60.23
Caroline Mathews60.55
Sarah Williams61.13
Nicola Lewis65.36

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