Rack Raid

Race Date: June 4th, 2017

The team has been selected for this year’s Rack Raid but if you haven’t been selected or are running the Welsh Castles Relay, we encourage you to support our runners wherever possible.

Race Times

The race begins at Grosmont Castle at around 7:30am and finishes at Castell-Y-Bwch at around 7:00pm.

Complete Documentation

View the complete Rack Raid documentation here. Please take note of the instructions for driving between stages.

Please Follow Official Instructions

There are some stages where only official vehicles are allowed.  Failure to do so could result in time penalties for the club.

Stage Information

Maps and GPX files can be found on the Fairwater PBBRC Athletes website. The starting Postcode at Llanthony Priory is NP7 8EP. The finishing Postcode at Castell-y-Bwch Inn is NP44 7AZ.

Stage 1 | NP7 8EP

Grosmont Castle to Skenfrith Castle – 5.1 Miles | Ascent: 521ft
Start Time: 0800 | Cut-Off Time: 46 Mins
2017 PBBRC Athletes: Kim Price & Rebecca Foley

Stage 2 | NP7 8UH

Skenfrith Castle to White Castle – 6.93 Miles | Ascent 917ft
Start Time: 0830 | Cut-Off Time: 62 Mins
2017 PBBRC Athletes: Stephen Mathers and Danielle Phillips

Stage 3 | NP7 8UD

White Castle to Abergavenny – 7.51 Miles : Ascent: 596ft
Start Time: 0905 | Cut-Off Time: 68 Mins
2017 PBBRC Athletes: Helen Williams & Ruth Butterfield

Stage 4 | NP7 5HF

Abergavenny to Moat – 6.7 Miles | Ascent: 790ft
Start Time: 0945 | Cut-Off Time: 61 Mins
2017 PBBRC Athletes: Martin Chammings and Cyril Williams

Stage 5 | NP7 8TD

Moat to Monmouth – 8.1 Miles | Ascent: 637ft
Start Time: 1020 | Cut-Off Time: 73 Mins
2017 PBBRC Athletes: Richard Sheehy and James Williams

Stage 6 | NP25 3EG

Monmouth to Raglan – 12.6 Miles | Ascent: 1,050ft
Start Time: 1120 | Cut-Off Time: 114 Mins
2017 PBBRC Athletes: Phillip Miles & Terry Vaughan

Stage 7 | NP15 2JW

Raglan to Usk – 5.53 Miles | Ascent: 400ft
Start Time: 1240 | Cut-Off Time: 50 Mins
2017 PBBRC Athletes: Rhi Griffin & Hannah Williams

Stage 8| NP15 1BH

Usk to Tintern Abbey – 13.05 Miles | Ascent: 1,590ft
Start Time: 1320| Cut-Off Time: 118 Mins
2017 PBBRC Athletes: Tony Lewis & Lee Grififths

Stage 9 | NP16 6SE

Tintern Abbey to Chepstow Castle – 10 Miles | Ascent: 1,433ft
Start Time: 1445 | Cut-Off Time: 85 Mins
2017 PBBRC Athletes: Mathew Ellis & James Ashley

Stage 10 | NP16 5EY

Chepstow Castle to Caldicot Castle – 5.63 Miles | Ascent: 387ft
Start Time: 1550 | Cut-Off Time: 51 Mins
2017 PBBRC Athletes: Claire Sullivan & Bobbie Swift

Stage 11 | NP26 4HU

Caldicot Castle to Penhow – 8.3 Miles | Ascent: 694ft
Start Time: 1625 | Cut-Off Time: 75 Mins
2017 PBBRC Athletes: James Thomas & Gareth Williams

Stage 12 | NP26 3AD

Penhow to Caerleon Amphitheatre – 6.64 Miles | Ascent: 662ft
Start Time: 1720 | Cut-Off Time: 60 Mins
2017 PBBRC Athletes: Sian Price & Katharine Collins

Stage 13 | NP18 1AY

Caerleon Amphitheatre to Castell-y-Bwch – 5.43 Miles | Ascent 705ft
Start Time: 1805 | Cut-Off Time: 49 Mins
2017 PBBRC Athletes: Hayley Jackson & Delphine Jones

Finish | NP44 7AZ


Each team will be provided with an “OFFICIAL VEHICLE” sticker. This is to be used for the following sections where only one vehicle per team (plus official Fairwater vehicles) will be allowed access. This is of VITAL IMPORTANCE. Any team contravening this rule will have the cut-off time for that stage, plus ten minutes allocated as their runners time for that stage. THIS RULE WILL BE ENFORCED.

  • STAGE 2. SKENFRITH to WHITE CASTLE :- The lane to White Castle.
  • STAGE 6. MONMOUTH to RAGLAN :- The lane between Coed-y-fedw and the Crosshands crossroads via Pen-y-clawdd.
  • STAGE 8. USK to TINTERN:- The lane between the A449 (Llanllowel Lane) to the B4235 at Llangwm.
  • STAGE 13. CAERLEON to CASTELL-Y_BWCH :- “Malthouse Lane” connecting Caerleon Road and Newport Road.

Also note that on the following sections NO VEHICLES ARE ALLOWED APART FROM THE FIRST AID VEHICLE:

  • Stage 1. No Rack Raid vehicles.
  • STAGE 4/5 MOAT. No team vehicles permitted on minor road off B4233 alongside the Moat.
  • STAGE 11. CALDICOT to PENHOW:- From the final right hand turn to the finish at Penhow. Vehicles other than the ambulances will be directed by a marshal to a shorter route to the finish – see map for details.
  • STAGE 13. CAERLEON to CASTELL-Y-BWCH :- “Pentre Lane” connecting Newport Road to finish at Castell-y-Bwch.

More Information

Visit the Fairwater PBBRC Athletes website for more information including maps and GPX files.