Cardiac 6 Results

Thanks to all those that participated in the 4th Annual Cardiac 6 race at the Lamb & Fox particularly clubs that travelled from further afield. It was a huge success and a great atmosphere. Thanks also to those that gave up their free time to marshall and support the event and to the Lamb & Fox for opening especially for this event.

Prizes on the Night

New Course Record

The course record was broken by 1 whole second by the existing course record holder, Matthew Grantham. He finished in a time of 35:47. Lauren Cooper also beat the female course record in a time of 40:28.

Other Prizes

  • 1st Male – Matthew Grantham
  • 2nd Male – Matthew Evans
  • 3rd Male – Jamie Parry
  • 1st Female – Lauren Cooper
  • 2nd Female – Julie Cashell
  • 3rd Female – Ruth Pickvance
  • 1st Vet Male – Andrew Stephens
  • 1st Vet Female – Ann Evans
  • 1st M50 – Simon Lewis
  • 1st M60 – Dai Smout
  • Winning Male Team – Parc Bryn Bach
  • Winning Female Team – Parc Bryn Bach


Matthew Grantham35:47
Mathew Evans36:23
Jamie Parry37:41
Andrew Stephens38.04
John Like39:01
Simon Lewis39:11
Michael Cope40:00
Lauren Cooper40:28
Calvin Thomas41:56
Damian Williams42:16
Adrian Woods42:29
Richard Price43:21
Richard Sheehey43:31
Darren Kippest43:52
James Fletcher44:00
Sam Weale44:08
Martin Chammings44:38
Leon Black45:05
Julie Cashell45:06
Paul Tucker45:17
Ruth Pickvance45:39
Ian Davies45:40
Lisa Erickson45:56
Ann Evans45:59
Harri Like46:11
Richard Appleford46:17
Carl Walsh46:20
Stephen Morgan47:36
Roger Mills47:45
Sharon Newell47:54
Sarah Coote48:04
Owen Davies48:14
David Smout48:26
Sarah Jeremiah48:33
Christopher Baker48:37
Tony Lewis48:55
Robert Gale48:58
Adrian Taylor49:04
Cyril Williams49:11
Jen Watkins49:27
Mark Roberts49:45
Christopher Thomas50:04
Andrew Wall50:07
Robbie Oliver50:15
David Williams50:16
Damian Heward50:25
Melissa Pearce50:34
Jeanette Jenkins50:40
Sharon Woods51:01
Randall Jones51:22
Marcus Smith51:24
Martin Jenkins51:42
Matt Wilcox51:56
Nick Sloper52:03
Simeon Lolin52:33
Dan Newton52:37
Terry Vaughan52:39
G Palfrey52:39
Jody McCloy53:37
Rhi Griffin53:46
Helen Williams53:53
Claire Sullivan53:58
Julie Toy54:04
Keri Young54:58
Louise Munkley55:34
Delphine Jones55:40
Denis Collins56:19
Robert Price56:48
Alison Holton56:56
Ceri East57:29
Rhys Lewis57:59
Clive Cooksey58:00
Steve New58:11
Carol Smith58:39
Nathan Harper58:46
Julie Smith58:54
Gary Willcox59:47
Kathryn Price60:03
Deanne Griffiths60:04
Kath Jervis61:20
Eryl Smeethe62:13
Pam Grantham62:32
Katie Hamer63:52
Sue Gray65:28
Sara Long65:58
Sarah Williams66:12
Helena Hunt66:49

Official Results (PDF)


There were a couple of photographers on the course and you can view Sam Standerwick’s photos here and Martin Wall’s here.