Andrew Jones


Running has replaced my other sporting love of Rugby Union. Having played all through my adult life and retiring at the age of 36 I struggled for many years to fill the gap left in my life by rugby.

Since taking up running and joining PBBRC I’ve rediscovered my competitive edge through the great support and encouragement offered by the Club.

For me there’s still nothing that compares to the camaraderie a great club environment offers and the thrill of competing against and sometimes beating fellow runners has proved to be the intoxicating fix that I’ve sorely missed.


10K: 42.06
Half Marathon: 01.34.32

Other Info

Member Since: October 2015
DOB: 20/08/1971
Occupation: HR Advisor
Interests: Rugby
Running Idol: Steve Jones
Running Ambitions: To be as good as I can possibly be.