Rack Raid 2017

The Rack Raid is an annual relay race organised by Fairwater Runners. The 100-mile race starts near the English border at Grosmont Castle and winds it way south eventually finishing at the Castell-y-Bwch pub near Cwmbran.

The race is split into 13 stages of varying lengths and difficulties and passes through the castles of White, Skenfrith, Raglan, Chepstow, Caldicot and Penhow as well as visiting Abergavenny, Usk, Monmouth, Tintern Abbey and the Caerleon Amphitheatre.

Bringing together 25 teams from 16 different running clubs, the popular event is well supported by each club along with locals along the way.

Our Teams

Stage Team A Team B
01 Kym Waters Rebecca Foley
02 Stephen Mathers Danielle Phillips
03 Helen Williams Ruth Butterfield
04 Martin Chammings Cyril Williams
05 Richard Sheehy James Williams
06 Phillip Miles Terry Vaughan
07 Rhi Griffin Hannah Williams
08 Tony Lewis Lee Griffiths
09 Mathew Ellis James Ashley
10 Claire Sullivan Bobbie Swift
11 James Thomas Gareth Williams
12 Sian Price Katharine Collins
13 Hayley Jackson Delphine Jones

The Race

Stage 1: Grosmont Castle to Skenfrith Castle [5.1 Miles]

Runners: Kym Waters (A) & Rebecca Foley (B)

Disgruntled residents, a miniature banana and ‘where’s my car key?’

“Bec and I did the first leg obviously. Just to say that it was a lovely run, hilly until we got over approx 2.5 ish miles, sensible not to have gone off too fast as we needed energy for the incline. Noticed that we passed quite a few who went off too fast. Second half we were then able to pick up our pace allowing us to finish well within the cut off time. Lovely scenery and the weather was very kind.

Not to forget the support from club was great as always! Support from other running clubs was also appreciated ! Great leg, would love to do it again.” – Kym Waters

Stage 2: Skenfrith Castle to White Castle [6.93 Miles]

Runners: Stephen Mathers (A) & Danielle Phillips (B)

Rain, hills and funny photos.

“Castle to castle with a lot of hilly hassle, but always enjoyable.” Stephen Mathers

Stage 3: White Castle to Abergavenny [7.51 Miles]

Runners: Helen Williams (A) & Ruth Butterfield (B)

Nerves, hills and glorious downhill.

Just as I thought I couldn’t take anymore uphill it went in the other direction and the downhill bit was glorious.” – Ruth Butterfield

Stage 4: Abergavenny to Moat [6.7 Miles]

Runners: Martin Chamming (A) & Cyril Williams (B)

A hill, another hill and one more hill for luck.

“Into the unknown, Abergavenny to Moat ? Moat where’s that ?

I have travelled to Monmouth and beyond for many years,  always by the highway never the by-way. Two lanes, sometimes three designed to get you from A to B as fast as,

We sometimes forget the old roads from years past that wind across our beautiful countryside. An amazing experience, stunning views, proper hills and visited many places I didn’t know existed. Absolutely loved the experience and support. Thanks to all involved.” Cyril Williams

Stage 5: Moat to Monmouth [8.1 Miles]


Runners: Richard Sheehy (A) & James Williams (B)


Stage 6: Monmouth to Raglan [5.53 Miles]


Runners: Phillip Miles (A) & Terry Vaughan (B)

A tumble, pouring rain and a ‘Terrynator Sprint Finish’.

“Hills, Hills, and more Hills and I like the challenge.” Terry Vaughan

Stage 7: Raglan to Usk [5.53 Miles]

Runners: Rhi Griffin (A) & Hannah Williams (B)

Wet, wet, wet.

Stage 8: Usk to Tintern Abbey [13.1 Miles]

Runners: Tony Lewis (A) & Lee Griffiths (B)

Two very brave men, killer hills and sunshine.

“F£&)@ng hilly! And 7:32 first mile and dead last, mega.” Lee Griffiths

Stage 9: Tintern Abbey to Chepstow Castle [9.42 Miles]

Runners: Mathew Ellis (A) & James Ashley (B)

Never ending hills, Devauden hill and finishing in the shadow of the beautifully preserved Chepstow Castle.

“Rack Raid is very tough and competitive but the atmosphere and camaraderie are unreal. I’m so grateful I was given the opportunity to experience it.” James Ashley

Stage 10: Chepstow Castle to Caldicot Castle [5.63 Miles]

Runners: Claire Sullivan (A) & Bobbie Swift (B)

Car-dodging on the A48, the support crew expands and sprint finishes.

“Sometimes out of the blue you feel a sense of ultimate achievement, of right, of being special, of belonging. As I finished my stage of the raid that’s what being part of PBBRC brought to my life.” Bobbie Swift

Stage 11: Caldicot Castle to Penhow [8.3 Miles]

Runners: James Thomas (A) & Gareth Williams (B)

Sun’s out, beers flowing and there are tractors to avoid.

“Lovely setting difficult run excellent support go green army.” Gareth Williams

Stage 12: Penhow to Caerleon Amphitheatre [6.64 Miles]

Runners: Sian Price (A) & Katharine Collins (B)

Stingy nettles, hot and amphitheatre finish.

“Our stage was hot from the start and very hilly from about a mile in which seemed never ending!!  Then long stretches of undulating narrow winding country lanes where we had squeeze into the nettles when any cars passed. It was fantastic to finish at the ampetheatre with all the support crew.” – Katharine Collins

Stage 13: Caerleon Amphitheatre to Castell-y-Bwch [5.43 Miles]

Runners: Hayley Jackson (A) & Delphine Jones (B)

A wrong turn, waiting for *that* hill and there it is!

“Being the last legs was nerves racking, I have never been so nervous and ready at the same time to embrace the challenge. The support from Hayley was amazing along the way. The last hill was just unreal! But seeing everybody at the top made the pain worth it, it was awesome! This experience will stay with me for a long time.’ – Delphine Jones


The full results can be viewed here.


You can view all photos taken at the event here.





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