Lee Aherne


I started running in 1984 but back then I suffered really badly with knee problems and never took the training seriously and gave up in 1988.

The 90s I spent dancing in fields to rave music although I did make two one race comebacks in ’93 and ’96. Then in 2005 at the age of 38 I started to finally knuckle down and take running seriously and even though its still littered with injuries ‘ve learnt to adapt and race much wisely.

Now with parkrun and the c25k I know that even if I ever have to give up running now I’ll still be involved one way or another. One last thing, I don’t run to keep fit, I run because I love to race. ????


1M: 4:50
3K: 9:15
5K: 15:55
5M: 26:31
10K: 32:54
10M: 53:54
Half Marathon: 01:11:44
Full Marathon: 02:34:08


Ran for Welsh Masters 16 times. 
Won British Masters titles – 10,000 [2007], one mile [2015], one mile [2017], 10k [2018] and 5,000m [2019].

Other Info

Member Since: 1985-88, 2005-08, 2012-present. (Ran for Les Croupiers 2008-2010)
DOB: 11/07/66
Interests: Watching my son playing rugby and supporting Cardiff City.
Running Idol: Steve Jones, Seb Coe and of course Milo.
Running Ambitions: To see the club continue to grow and become a Gwent League Division 1 club and to win as many championship gold medals as I can.