Lee Phillips


For some reason unknown to me I have the nickname SGT Major Phillips??

One of the greatest pleasures for me is to see the progress of everyone that runs with the club, in whatever capacity i.e. C25K, parkrunner, First Strider or full member.

I’m never going to set the running world on fire myself but to be able to help new runners with a little coaching and advice and then to see them go on and flourish is extremely rewarding. Long may it continue.


parkrun: 21.45
5K: 22.52
10K: 47.15
10M: I’ll tell you in November
Half Marathon: 1.53.13
Marathon: Maybe next year………….

Other Info

Member Since: January 2015
DOB: 02/06/1972
Occupation: Property Developer
Interests: Love to sing, love to play my guitar and I love to embarrass my 2 gorgeous daughters while doing it! Well, it’s a Das’d job isn’t it?
Running Idol: I truly admire the C25K graduates, inspirational athletes such as Clive Cooksey and Mike Lewis and dream about being as fast, strong and successful as the mighty Steve Jones. It gives me enormous pleasure to see anyone running with a smile on their face.
Running Ambitions: To have just 1 injury free year. (oh go on then, 2 injury free years). I might be able to see what my full potential is then Ha Ha! Maybe I can also chip away at my PB’s. This time next year Rodney…………