Dave Kempton


I played soccer to County standard as a youngster. Now to stay fit, I selfishly enjoy parkrun and helping others achieve their goals has given me more satisfaction than getting the PB.


parkrun: 22:18
10K: 37mins @ Bristol in the 80’s
10M: 71mins @ Gloucs again in the 80’s
Half Marathon: 1hr 31mins Stroud ( 80’s)
Marathon: 3hrs 59mins at Gloucs in the 80’s
Others: 2 hrs 22mins for a 30k race at Lliswerry back in the 80’s Again!

Other Info

Member Since: Unsure of joining date
DOB: 04/12/1957
Occupation: HGV Driver
Interests: I like to promote the gospel according to JOLLY. Its a great cause and does good work bringing joy to others.
Running Idol: Phil Mathews (Swansea Harriers). Total respect for coach Ian Eke and also Paul Sephton.
Running Ambitions: To take up coaching full time and to run as long as the injury and age allow.