Sam Standerwick


Running; My relaxation, my exercise, my insomnia cure, my stress relief and my time to clear my head.

When I was younger I played Ladies football but an injury, along with focusing on my career, led to weight gain and a sedentary lifestyle. I started running using the C25K programme (along with swimming and gym sessions) about 4 years ago to lose a lot of weight & get fit. I soon found I loved the feeling running gave me. I started doing parkrun at Bryn Bach Park and was overwhelmed by the help & support I got from the regular runners especially members of Parc Bryn Bach Running Club which is why I signed up.

I’ve tried all sorts of different races some with less success than others but I’ve learnt from all experiences and can usually find some positives to take from even the worst race day! These days I’m happiest running off road in the hills enjoying the great British weather and even better countryside & wildlife!

My PBs

Not important to me (although know them all by heart LOL). I’ve run distances from 5k to a couple of ultra marathons (longest was 33miles) and most distances in-between. I get more satisfaction helping someone else achieve their goal than I get from a PB. I sometimes chase the clock but enjoying the race is more important to me.

Other Info

Member Since: 2014
DOB: 24/09/72
Occupation: Senior Civil Servant
Interests: Besides most sports, photography, growing veg and spending quality time with my husband and pets.
Running Idol: Steve Jones & Ingrid Kristiansen
Running Mantra: (on hills) “Little steps, fast feet”
Running Ambitions: Improve my off-road skills and to one day run the Ring O’ Fire (135mile, 3 day Ultra marathon around Anglesey)