Caroline Matthews


I’m known to fall over easy and I am little accident prone. Also known as either “Maricel’s Friend” or “Mike’s Wife”

  • Couch to 5K started: 17th May 16
  • Ran first parkrun: 2nd July 16
  • Run with First Strides since
  • Joined Club 2nd April 17


parkrun: 30:11
5K: 30:11
10K: 1:00:35

Other Info

Member Since: 2nd April 2017
DOB: 18/02/1971
Occupation: Book-keeper (working from home)
Interests: Photography, walking our dogs, Crafting of any kind
Running Idol: My running idols are the volunteers that turn up every week, with the patience of saints, to get us First Strides moving.  The experience, knowledge and support they show us is just brilliant.
Running Ambitions: Signed up for Cardiff Half Marathon in Oct 17 and my aim is to finish that with a good time. And get a sub 30 Parkrun