Tony Lewis


I have been running within this amazing club for the best part of two years. My inspiration comes from the true spirit of running that is embedded within every step of every dedicated runner within this community.

My standing within this community is as important as every other & whatever I achieve or perform in training or races is for ‘PBBRC’. Other than this, in 1967, I arrived on the wrong planet & have tried to adapt at greater or lesser successes since.


parkrun: 21:38
5K: 21:08
10K: 44:48
Half Marathon: 01:40
Marathon: 04:15 (Snowdon)


…hmmm, not yet (ever, considering the amazing athletes in my age category! All power to them????✌!!!)…

Other Info

Member Since: June:2014(father’s day).
DOB: 22.02.67
Occupation: Community Mental Health Nurse Lead.
Interests: Quality family time. ‘…music, music.literature & music…’
Running Idol: ‘Wifey’ primarily & every person who graciously inspires/ achieves by spreading the true spirit of ‘the human race’.
Running Ambitions: …to be running in 30 years from now…