Iron Trail 5 2018: Results

  • June 29, 2018

Here are the results for the 2018 Iron Trail 5 race organised by club member Phillip Miles. There may be some spelling mistakes and hopefully all the times have been transferred to the website correctly.  The full original results are provided at the bottom of the page.

Thanks to all that participated and helped support North Gwent Cardiac Rehabilitation.

Mark Hopkinson00:30:27
Sam Lewis Jones00:32:05
Jon Like00:33:19
Michael Cope00:33:53
Gavin Patterson00:34:01
Tom Mollekin00:35:00
Andrew Stephens00:35:14
Jonathon Woolridge00:35:52
Kevin Fosby00:36:02
Mathew Ellis00:36:12
Daniel Evans00:36:29
Andrew Brassington00:37:04
Haydn Hartnell00:37:14
Nicola Jukes00:37:25
Richard Sheehy00:37:39
Gary Hughes00:38:34
Jonathon Ford00:38:46
James Fletcher00:38:49
Richard Price00:38:53
Neil Beynon00:39:03
Ethan Sayce00:39:19
Andrew Dickens00:39:49
Andrew Jones00:40:06
Bethan Hawksley00:40:11
Rachel Lewis00:40:17
Lee Phillips00:40:21
Owen Davies00:40:40
Rob Symond00:41:55
Lou Summers00:41:59
Martin Chammings00:42:00
Alex Evans00:42:03
Stephen Morgan00:42:06
Michael Skyrme00:42:17
Paul Grainger Jones00:42:26
Carl Walsh00:43:02
Darren Kippest00:43:13
Gwyn Palfrey00:43:42
Sarah Jeremiah00:44:06
Sarah Lane Coote00:44:11
Owain Williams00:44:29
Tony Lewis00:44:33
Jason Smith00:44:48
Keith Langley00:44:59
Martyn Jenkins00:45:13
Rachel Watling00:45:39
Matt Wilcox00:45:44
Richard Bowie00:46:13
Jeanette Jenkins00:46:55
Claire Sullivan00:46:59
Adrian Gwilliam00:47:02
Sharon Woods00:47:04
Damien Heward00:47:22
Brian Evans00:48:11
Laura Hire00:48:12
Helen Williams00:49:04
Mathew Crowle00:49:17
Kim Price00:49:41
Marcus Smith00:49:41
Delphine Jones00:50:22
Nadine Winstone00:50:56
Jon Tibke00:50:59
Robert Blackmore00:51:10
Robert Rist00:51:15
Deanne Griffiths00:51:18
Lucy Atkin Smith00:51:26
Andrew Marlog00:51:45
Rebecca Poole00:52:33
Georgina Seed00:53:23
Carl Peacock00:53:45
Ceri Caswell00:53:46
Alison Holton00:54:19
Jayne Rist00:54:32
Beth James00:54:41
Gary Wilcox00:54:47
Sarah Bayton00:54:48
Keren Beard00:55:24
Bryony Brown00:55:54
Teresa Davies00:55:58
Sian Steadman00:59:55
Les Pugh01:00:13
Peter Roberts01:00:42

Original Results

Full Original Results

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