Mathew Ellis


I’m Mathew Ellis, I love triathlon, and solely running. Something that has been of interest to me for about 3 years now. I joined the club as a way of becoming a more efficient runner, one my best decisions ever, meeting great people and doing great races.


parkrun: 19:50
5K: 19:50
10K: 41:30 (Pontypool 10km)
Half Marathon: 01:32:00
Marathon: 03:35:00 (Ironman Wales)

Other Info

DOB: 21/11/1991
Occupation: I work for a furniture delivery company in Rhymney.
Interests: Swim/Bike. Anything to do with not being indoors.
Running Idol: Not necessarily a runner, Andy Potts.
Running Ambitions: As well as triathlon, I have recently been interested in swim run, an ultra, broken up with swimming legs. Generally I’d like to do some more marathons and some ultras.