Aynsley Cummings

I started running just over a year ago and found it difficult to motivate myself on my own. I did a park run at Bryn Bach park which Dave Kempton kindly finished the last 200m with me (Thank you Dave, you never forgot the people who help when you are struggling).

Inspired by David’s kindness I started First Strides where I met even more kind people who were dedicated to helping people find a love for running! (to0 many to name but you know who you are). I joined the club and have never looked back. I have made so many amazing lifelong friends.

I run mainly to keep fit and have a healthy mind but also to challenge myself and surprise myself along the way. I never thought I would complete a half marathon but I did, and I feel that it was the support of the club that empowered me to do just that. I am not fast, but it never gets lonely at the back when your part of Bryn Bach because they are always there to support you along the way and at the end of running events.


parkrun: 31:00
10K: 1:10:32

Other Info

Member Since: April 2016
DOB: 05/11/1992
Occupation: Social Worker
Interests: Walking my 3 pooches, going the gym, drinking tea, reading and shopping!
Running Idol: Kathrine Switzer and the wonderful Terry Vaughn
Running Ambitions: To achieve a sub 30 5k and sub 60 10k.