Michelle Jayne


I’ve been a member of the club for about 5 years and prefer hilly or muddy races as I’m not that fast!

I live and work as a social worker in Merthyr and training always has to revolve around the chaos of work and walking my naughty Beagle Harry.

My favourite races are Snowdon Marathon and Roman Run but London 2016 was like nothing else I’d ever run.


5K: 24.45
10K: 52.08
10M: 01:30:00
Half Marathon: 01:52:00
Marathon: 04:16:10


3rd lady in Hereford Marathon 2015 was a shock!

Other Info

Member Since: 2012ish
DOB: 01.08.76
Occupation: Senior Social Worker
Interests: Walking my dog/drinking wine
Running Idol: Paula Radcliffe
Running Ambitions: To get faster and to run London again