Gavin Patterson


Took up running just over 2.1/2 years ago as part of a weight loss plan. Soon caught the running bug as they call it and found myself pretty good at it. 4 stone lighter and I’m still enjoying it. My legs tell me different after each race mind.


parkrun: 17:53
5K: 17:38
10K: 37:36
8 Miles: 48:43 (Lliswerry 8)
Half Marathon: 01.22.50


Apart from marrying my wife and her giving me 3 beautiful boys (1 which i delivered in the bathroom) the only other honour I had was employee of the month when I worked at McDonald’s. And of course being selected for the Castles Relay 2017

Other Info

Member Since: April 2015, I think.
DOB: 16/07/1982. Yes I’m a young pup
Occupation: Engineering Buyer by day. Devoted dad by night.
Interests: Other than the running I don’t have time to do much else. Kids take up too much time.
Running Idol: My running Idol has to be Milo
Running Ambitions: To Get Sub 18@5K, Sub 36@10K, Sub 1.20@Half Marathon And Sub 3 Hours@Full Marathon