Robert Gale


I’m a runner and I run because I love it! I love the challenge, I love exploring new routes, I love experiencing new races, I love meeting new people and I love being part of large, friendly community.

Being a relative newcomer to running having started in February 2016, every race is new to me. I’m still finding out which distances being most enjoyment to me and relatively quickly I discovered that ultra marathons were races that I preferred. I much prefer running off road in spectacular scenery as it allows me to continue my other passion – photography. I also get to eat whilst I run!

My PBs (always a work in progress!)

5K: 19:37
10K: 45:14
10 Miles: 1:12:21
Half Marathon: 1:36:51
Full Marathon: 04:01:06
50K: 05:21:35

Other Info

Member Since: October 2016
DOB: 18/10/78
Occupation: Web Developer
Interests: Travelling and Photography
Running Idol: Susie Chan
Strava: Link