Weekly Roundup, February 25th – March 3rd

  • March 3, 2019

Vests on Tour


No need to ask Rachel and Tony, ‘but did you run?’. “Efforts around the Colosseum”.

Bansko, Bulgaria

Chamrousse, France

Alpe d’Huez, France

Melissa’s Spooky Night Run

Melissa preparing for her Blair Witch run in the woods!


There were three PBs to report this week with Martyn Powell finishing in 24:00, Sally Morgan finishing in 32:36 and Susan Kelly finishing in 33:34.

parkrun Tourists

John Evans was in Merthyr this week where he took first place and Katharine Collins was in Colby where she took 3rd female and scored a huge 1 minute PB!

Gwent League Cross Country: Blaise Castle

The last fixture of the 2018/19 Gwent League XC season and it was a trip across the border to Blaise Castle in Bristol. After a great first season in the First Division for the gents and another season in the First Division for the ladies, both were safe in the top division but that didn’t stop everyone from putting in 100% for the last fixture.

The Club Fun Bus

I pity the poor drivers who had to pass the back of the club fun bus with that naughty trio sat at the back.


During the Race


Gwent League Champion 2018/19

Lee Aherne: “It was the most nervous I’ve ever been watching a race so I can’t even imagine the pressure Lauren must of felt going into this race. It must of been enormous. To do what she did today proves how good she is and how lucky we are to have her at the club. What she did by winning the Gwent League is by far the greatest achievement in not only our 10 year history but the entire history of Club 69 and PBBRC combined.”

The final standings show just how tight it was at the top. Well done also to Nicola Jukes for taking a bronze in the F45 category.

Newport Half Marathon

Pre Race/Post Race

It was wet, very wet, but at least there was no snow! The Newport Half Marathon took place today and a bit of rain didn’t dampen the spirits of our club runners and some, like Lucy Atkin-Smith, scored a PB!

When You Remember That The Club’s Paparazzi Is On The Course

When You Realise You’re Off Pace

In Mike’s defence, he was only firing on one cylinder due to a chest infection.

Pembrokeshire Duathlon

Steve Hamer was in West Wales on Sunday for the Pembrokeshire Duathlon. He finished in a time o 01:44:30. Conditions were hardly favourable.

“You could pour the water out of my cycling shoes when I got to transition – and I couldn’t feel my feet for the first KM or so of the 2nd run. They were like blocks of ice!”

Sunday Runs

Marcus: “16 miles in torrential rain, brutal headwinds, zero visibility on top, 3 fallers ( myself included ) and bloody loved every minute”.

Alison: “Sunday morning 10 miles in the bag.”

Sharon: “I take my very soggy baseball cap off to all those that ran Newport Half Marathon today… You lot are nails ????????????the weather is brutal out there, my 9 miler this morning, consisted of downwards, sideways, and lets get her from all angles rain ☔ plus the wind ???? and I lost count of the Tsunami’s I encountered as cars drove past and literally covered me with water ???? job done ???? and all done for shits and giggles ????????”

Malta Fat Club

No fancy graph this week but there’s a 3st 13.25 lbs loss to date which according to Laura is “a low group loss this week. But a loss is a loss.”

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