Weekly Roundup, August 6th – August 12th

  • August 12, 2018

Vests on Tour

Katherine Williams (Kotor, Montenegro)

Katherine Williams (Sirogojno, Serbia)

GLCL Road Series 5: Olive Tree, Cwmbran

There Was a Call to Arms

There Was Teamwork

There Was First Place

There Were Sprint Finishes

Stan Lee Was Pipped at the Post

There Were First Timers

There Were Those That Loved the Experience

There Was Love For ‘One’ of the Club’s Paparazzi

Maybe Nigel takes less gurning shots than me?

And Everyone Gave it Their All


  • Lee Aherne – 1st Overall & 1st M5054
  • Jamie Parry – 2nd Overall & 1st M1739
  • Sam Lewis Jones – 3rd M1739
  • Lauren Cooper – 3rd Female & 2nd F1739
  • Nicola Jukes – 3rd F4549
  • Rachel Lewis – 1st F4044
  • Helen Williams – 2nd F4044
  • Georgina Seed – 1st F5559
  • Stephen Williams – 2nd M5559
  • Margrett Monk – 1st F6599
  • Kath Jervis – 1st F6064
  • Jill Matthews – 2nd F6064

2018 GLCL Road Series Champions & Runners-Up

What an outstanding result for the club in the 2018 GLCL Road Series with the men finishing in 1st place in the A division and 1st and 3rd positions for the Men’s B and C team’s respectively. The ladies also did fantastic finishing 2nd in the A division and the B team also finishing 2nd.

Who Want’s Sam to Wear Eirwen’s Coat for the Cross Country Season?!


A more manageable 177 runners took part in this morning’s parkrun with 7 runners securing PBs – Daniel Evans in 18:31, Rachel Burr-Lewis in 20:35, Deanne Griffiths in 25:24, Julie Harley in 26:14, Cath Price in 27:16, Nicola Lewis in 27:59 and Melanie Phillips in 28:37.

Severn Bridge parkrun #1

A year in the making, the inaugural Severn Bridge parkrun took place on Saturday and we had some parkrun Tourists there. (Thanks to Tosh Simpkin for the photo below)

Coppett Hill Fell Race

The new Coppett Hill Fell Race took place in Goodrich on Saturday afternoon and was attended by Sam and Sian Jones and Richard Sheehy with Sam Lewis Jones coming in first to win the Alan Sheldon Coppett Hill Fell Race Memorial Trophy and a magnum of wine. (Thanks to Steve Rush for the photos)

Alan Sheldon Coppett Hill Fell Race Memorial Trophy Winner

Welsh Athletics League: Fixture 4

The fourth and final fixture in the Welsh Athletics League took place in Newport on a rainy Saturday afternoon and was attended by Sarah Coote, Keri-Lyn Jones, Lauren Cooper, Sam Jackson and Owen Davies who all competed in a variety of track events with Owen also giving the shot putt a go.


Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1

Ruth Butterfield and Stephen Carter were in a soggy Salisbury on Sunday for the excellent Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1 series of races (10k, 21k, 33k, 42k and 50k). Stephen was going all in and attacking the 50k race with race going for the 21k half marathon. Stephen finished the race in just under 5 hours (04:59:43).

“Cramp at 16 miles in both calfs. Sick at 23.5miles. Walked a hell of a lot in the last 5 miles. But I did it . One tough run that.”

Port Talbot Half Marathon

Well done to Claire and Helen for braving the element for the Port Talbot Half Marathon on Sunday. Official results aren’t out yet but Claire beat last year’s time by 8 minutes finishing in ~01:51 which is also a half marathon PB.

White Star Running Summer Sessions

Sam Standerwick was taking part in the White Star Running Summer Sessions in Moreton, Dorset which features a weekend of races in rather un-summerlike conditions.I’m sure there was plenty of bling to be had though.

Sunday Runs

Rain wasn’t going to stop two groups heading out for long Sunday Runs. If you’re torn between which group to go with next time, make sure you pick the one with Dave Kempton as he likes to sponsor the tea and toast afterwards!

PBBRC Poop Talk

Interesting thread on Facebook this week about the Runner’s Trots.

HW: You’re not a proper runner until that happens to you!
NB: It hasn’t…. has it?
DC: HW, you’re a pro in this department!
HW: DC, haha the pair of us are!

Unintentional Nixon Pose

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