Weekly Roundup, April 9th – April 15th

  • April 16, 2018

Spartan 5k

Last Sunday, OCR fan Owen Davies competed in the 5k Spartan Race in the competitive age group heat.

“Was super tough in wet conditions but a good challenge. Very intense in those heats though. I’ve got the 15k and the 22k coming up over the next few months. These races are the focus of all my training so I’m super motivated!”

Swansea Harriers Open

I noticed on Strava that Lauren Cooper was competing in the 3000m at the Swansea Harriers Open last Sunday finished in 1st place!

Where’s Jolly

Mr Jolly is taking his Green Vest on tour with him as he is trucking around the UK. Are you able to work out where he is? Comment on the post or on Facebook.

Vests on Tour

Alex Thomas was in Liverpool this week and went on the Beatles tour around the city. She did the right thing and took her vest with her which earned her a few spots on Vests on Tour.

Kymin Dash

A video taken at a muddy descent captured all the club members including Richard Sheehy who had to reclaim a shoe that had been sucked off his feet (3:10).


There were three PBs to report at parkrun with Andrew Marlog finishing in 25:57, Lee Wilce in 27:07 and Nick Osman in 21:28. First Strider Kris Wright also finished in 21:47 so hopefully we’ll be able to convince him to step up to the Green Army.


Maricel was in Richmond this week whilst Nick Gregory and Andrew Meadows were at Maesteg, Gareth and Stephen Williams were in Pontypridd and I was with Ceri Caswell helping Julie Heal secure a new 5k PB in Newport.

ERRA National Road Relay Championships

Saturday April 14th, 2018. The day a pioneering group of club runners travelled to Sutton Park, Birmingham to compete in the English Road Running Association’s National Road Relay Championships. This was the first time that the club had competed in the championships and our ladies were up against some of the best runners in the country. And to make it even more special, we were one of only three Welsh clubs to field a female team.

Our pioneers finished the 6-stage relay in an impressive 31st out of 48! That’s an amazing way of making a statement!

Offa’s Orror

6 brave souls descended on the Wye Valley for the tough 12-mile Offa’s Orror. The challenging course features 2,000ft of ascent and very tough, muddy terrain. Sam Lewis Jones finished 4th overall and it was Owen Davies’ longest race to date!

Pendine Sand Half Marathon

Congratulations to Kathy Collins who came 2nd Lady in the tough Pendine Sands Half Marathon.

Brighton Marathon

Congratulations to Rob Bennett who completed the Brighton Marathon on Sunday – his first ever marathon! A great example of someone that has lost weight through running and achieved what many would say is the unachievable.

Great Welsh Marathon and Half Marathon

Gary Bartram has been working hard over the winter training for his next marathon even running in deep snow. It finally paid off with his first first sub-4 marathon at the Great Welsh Marathon in Llanelli.

Hot on the heels of the Limassol Marathon and London Landmarks Half Marathon, Lydia Cawsey participated in the Great Welsh Half Marathon.

Sunday Runs

Poor Beth Jones misread Kim’s Sunday run post and thought she had signed up for a 12K run when in fact it was a 12 miles run! It’s a good job she hadn’t signed up for one of Rachel’s 12 mile runs!

Julie and Sharon Tenerife Training

There’s no time to ‘sun it up’ when you’re part of the Green Army. Whilst in Tenerife this week, the colour-coordinated Julie and Sharon were getting the training done with the aid of what appears to be an impromptu trainer!

Where’s Jolly?

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