GLCL: Road Race Series: Llanhennock

  • May 24, 2017

The second series in the GLCL Road Race Series and the forecast was for a warm evening with a 100% chance of hills!

There was another fantastic turnout from the Green Army with at least 45 Green Vests participating. The prospect of hills and promise of a ‘sting in the tail’ in the route (I’m sure that’s a typo and it should read ‘hill in the tail’) didn’t deter members from turning up, including some first-timers. Well done to those that chose this fixture as their first race – there’s nothing like a baptism of fire!

Despite the toughness of the course and the warm weather making it a veritable sweat-fest for many, it was a successful race with lots of smiles, the odd tear (we’re all looking at you Kim 😉 and the camaraderie and team spirit that makes PBBRC such a great running club to be a part of.

And well done to Sam Lewis Jones securing 4th position (I’m putting that down to my excellent application of Rock Tape ;).

Notable Results


  • Having run it about 7 or 8 times you know what is coming, but it is the toughest of the league series.

    Of the people I saw during the run, Richard paced it really well and also Danielle. A big congrats to Jamie Parry for an awesome debut and well done to everyone who turned up and ran that hot and hilly course.

    Great teamwork! - Phillip Miles

  • The worst race I have ever run ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Brutal! - Kim Price
  • Hilly and Hot! Great to see even more new members donning the Green Vest for the first time. Also great to see everyone looking so strong coming up that final hill which goes to show the training is paying off 😉 - Damian Williams
  • Tough, Hot, Hilly. Challenging​ to say the least - Gavin Patterson

Race Gallery

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Thanks Nigel Pearce

Starting Video

Thanks Andrew Jones

Relive the Hills

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